Best practices


Architecture is more than just bricks, frameworks and compartments. It is also sensual, corporeal and social. So, how are all those aspects of architecture communicated within the orbit of the built environment and with its users? Film has become an integral part of the architectural toolbox and training of future architects, capturing and communicating sensuous and conceptual aspects of our built and grown surroundings with the potential to reach a wide audience. With this growing collection of short lectures and examples of film produced by students, we want to explore and provide a platform for ‘best practices’ in the field of teaching architecture using film. 

We have asked international distinguished researchers, architects or film-makers, how film is being integrated as a tool in architecture schools all over Europe. We have asked them how the film format can contribute in an architectural work process, and what the format can contribute with, in the experience of architecture and our surroundings. Talks and selected student films illustrate how it can be done.

This page will be continuously be updated with new films.



David Garcia

Associate Professor at Institute of Architecture and Technology, KADK


Henry Gloga

Student at Architecture and Extreme Environments, KADK 2020

Valerye Vyvial  

Student at Architecture and Extreme Environments, KADK 2018

Sean Cassidy

Student at Architecture and Extreme Environments, KADK 2019


Rikke Munck Petersen

Associate Professor at Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning at University of Copenhagen gives a short lecture on the use of film in the teaching of landscape architecture students on a master and bachelor level and the benefits in terms of capturing place-bound and sensuous characteristics, fundamental in the creation of landscape architecture.
Three films accompany the talk.


Film as an intimacy projection, environment and design tool

A master and a bachelor film from 2014 and 2020 addresses film as an intimacy projection environment, multi-sensory notation and imaging projection in the design project process.

Film explorations in landscape design teaching

A sequence of filmic and medium explorations shows the multi-sensorial and affective capacity of the film medium in relation to the importance of medium interchange and shifts in landscape design making.

Filmic Master Thesis work University of Copenhagen

Examples of Filmic Master Thesis work finalized or in progress 2016-2020 shows diverse ways of using the film medium in different stages, with different purposes and affects in mind.


Roberta Jurcic and Marta Fernandez

Teaching Staff  at the Chair of Architecture and Design Brandlhuber in the Department of Architecture at ETH Zürich.


Laurens de Muck

Antromorphising Ecology ep. 1, ETH Zürich 2020

Anton Krebs

Mycelium ep. 1, ETH Zürich 2020-05-26


Mads Farsø

Associate Professor at Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) Alnarp in Landscape Architecture and Representation